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Against Idle Motion

These are my quads. There are many like them, but these are mine.
My quads are my best friends. They are part of my soul. I must master them as I must master my life.

My quads, without me, are useless. Without my quads, I am empty. I must ride my quads true. I must swerve, crossover, skid, jump and swivel through all obstacles. I must go fast and go hard. I will…

My quads and I know that what…

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Love - Death - Desired - Touched

Love – Death – Desired – Touched

A dreadful delight, deep and nice

Cool slick with black clicks, hollowed right

Clockwork deformity stitched tight

The inhaled breath from the darkling weakness dressed in a cloak of metal and mint rusting tears. I seek you out and bow to your presence.

Laughing malady hot this night

Oddity circus side show fright

Freakishly formal magic light

Striding with wolves upon a mirrored forest floor that…

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A Tale of the Bigot

Breath in that fog spore poison brand, anti-human cleft breath fan. Suck into your virgin heart nice and deep. Let it corrupt your sight, twist your thought, and sear the fear to your very sweat sleet.

Believe in it’s cancer milk. Consume that rotting nectar pelt, from breasts of long dead kings, in far forgotten caves extreme. Become the wrath of guiltless tyranny flight. Sweep the gutter slime…

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Chase The Jam For That Bass Beat Flirt

Chase The Jam For That Bass Beat Flirt

In the gray light I stand in rain

I was lost in stale mundane
An abandoned drone in pale pain
Flat foot clicks in a hall, no stain
Block glass to concrete solid framed

Then I felt your blood cry

You woke me to you miracle
Everything rang clear in my eyes
You told me your name and my heart blurred
For it was the most beautiful sound I ever heard

The days of fear will throw their fit

The gutter…

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Whispered Kisses From The Undern

Whispered Kisses From The Undern

I can taste the stars on your peach lips glimmering with rays of light, warm and bright. The sugar sand you leave on my pallet dissolves into that sweet nectar of sticky comfort.

In tune with latitude motion, my heart ebbs to your eastern crest. Oh, my queen of birthing forever ascension in crisp dew reflections. You melt my gentle frost fall like only your love can. Feeding the life within this…

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    I’m watching Rated Arrrgh!

“I’m hooked!”

        Check-in to
    Rated Arrrgh! on tvtag

I’m watching Rated Arrrgh!

“I’m hooked!”

Check-in to Rated Arrrgh! on tvtag

Just Like A Dame

She walks in the room like a whirling dervish, picking up every speck of a lonely heart in the hurricane wind she sways.

For she is a dame.

Fishing in this ocean with her eyes that she sees amidst the solitary pleas of the seas fathom steeped.

Her dame voice vibrates that trance lullaby reggae oboe harmonic, like all dames, with their dame ways.

It was a sign she delivered. A sign of trouble,…

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Destination Unknown

I am as of a dirty faith bleeding with an ache of nude desire. Door locked and tires rumbling on this highway I ride.

Driven at a speed by a nature only felt in my gut and gently accelerating over a gravel chain of unanswered questions.

I am strapped in tight. My skin peals and flakes off the devastating sunburn from the blowing wind. Pasting a film of sorrow on my rear window clouded.


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Imagination Makes Magic on Threadless

My teeshirt design is now live!

Imagination Makes Magic on Threadless

My teeshirt design is now live!

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Streckfus Lotus Faulks

Goose the butter vicar punch
Poke your fatty face dance
Finger folly fanning dunce
By way of fragment pants

He has the only dark talk

Jagged bog finger blood lance
Ravenous fang soul suck punt
Feather handle jagged stance
Hidden package damp bowl cunt

He scrawls with only dark chalk

Climb through lightning spider amps
Opalescent crusty munch
Tip tap tonguing lead paint rant
Knock folly hollow head…

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98.6° Of Pondering Hormones

I inhale your melody harp rhyme
A vibrating love vine
Its reaching though my mind

Till it strikes through my memory boat
Ship wrecking into hope
Harpooning my heart note

Then it injects it’s poison ice pick
Melting my jelly quick
Making it warm to lick

My veins turn into mocha sugar
Caffein infused pewter
You now shape my future

Like a puppet you have me hung up
Your fingers bend my luck

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    I’m watching Guardians of the Galaxy

“This is going to be good.”

        66 others are also watching.
    Guardians of the Galaxy on tvtag

I’m watching Guardians of the Galaxy

“This is going to be good.”

66 others are also watching. Guardians of the Galaxy on tvtag

The Xenophobia Of Intellectus

The Xenophobia Of Intellectus

What are we but a random act of confusion, apatite, and builders.

However, what if we are so much more immensely multiplied? What if the completely random is a cosmic web of purpose, incomprehensible fate we all play apart of to create and divine miracles we ourselves have yet to notice? Not per-say to have impact outside the very realm we occupy. Just encompassed through the energy that we are…

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He2 : 4,002602

White lances of light reflecting off every surface you touch during this wonderful dance we attend under the stars of light and love

Two weaving noble miracles like spheres of air pulled under water will always rise toward the heavens together when the endless gravity from this land reluctantly releases its hold.

There is not a conflict of good and evil that can prevent such a union. Light and…

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The Black Cat Says Beep-Beep

Black cat jumping at the break of dawn
See those spirits run and soar about

Just be calm

Telling us what is going on right now with your charm

Black cat speaking at the light of day
Philosophizing about your life

Break away

Go to the perch of knowledge and write down what you say

Black cat sneak
Black cat weep
Run to be free and scream it beep-beep

Random thoughts of good and evil pour out when…

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